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Night heaven by VampiraLady"/>

Night heaven by VampiraLady




Interview challenge - meet yukonix!

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 9, 2014, 12:28 PM
Hi! :wave:
Today we have a special guest!


Sex: female
Country: United States
Deviant for: 2 years

:star:VampiraLady: How have you known dA community and site? Why did you join it?
I found out about deviant art from a website I use to go to as young called Neopets. At the time it was out of my league so I stayed away. However after 4 years of being online I decided to advance in my artwork and start anew. I thought it would be the perfect place to satisfy my hunger for inspirational eye candy, helpful tutorials and new friends.

:star:What was your first work submitted here?
My mascot. Pingping!

:star:Why do you create works?
I draw because its just about the only thing I have some idea how to do. I have all these thoughts and ideas in my head and artwork is a great way to channel them out. I hope that maybe one day I can inspire others to become artists too. Perhaps draw something with meaning that can touch and educate others.

:star:Do you create manually? Digitally?
I do both but prefer to post my digital works. That being only because I don't have a quality scanner. Both have their pros and cons. I know I could never do anything in color traditionally for sure. But for some reason shading with a pencil comes easier than shading on the art program I use.

:star:Do you care about amount of your watchers, faved works, comments?
Yes and no. It isn't the end of the world if I don't have so many, but it would be a nice thing to have. Just know I appreciate every single one.

:star:Your favorite dA artists? (why?)
My favorite dA artists would have to be TerraTerrific and Pieology. Why? Because they have inspired and influenced me the most artistically. My artwork and story Im writing would not have been the same without them.

:star:What's the thing which is really troublesome for you in creating it? (what's the most difficult for you)?
Anything realistic whatsoever serves as a challenge for me. Everything I draw comes from my imagination. I find realistic anatomy and rules very challenging and will take a long time to get a full grasp of. This also includes anatomy, shading and backgrounds. For some reason its also hard for me to draw people looking at the right.

:star:Give the description of the place where do you make your works.
I create all my work in my nest of a bedroom. I tend to lock myself in there for countless amounts of hours. If not there I go to my parent's room because its usually unoccupied and they have a water bed |D ( No worries, I have my computer on a platform so it doesn't overheat).

:star:What does inspire you?.
Anime's like Soul Eater, Pictures done with vibrate colors and complex details/characters. Along with Quotes that help you keep going, holidays, Food, clothing, medical related things and animals.

:star:What do you like in your style/subjects of works? How do you think – what great advantages/skills do you have?
I like the fact that doing an immense amount of detail is no challenge for me. That would probably be the only advantage I think I have. Everything else I'm trying to do better on.

:star:Do you earn money on here? If not, would you like to?
Not at the moment, I would very much like to though. For now I don't think my artistic skill qualifies to be commission worthy. Besides, I have no idea where to even start price wise.

:star:The worst thing which happened to you here?
The worst thing that happened here was probably conflicts. Some artists that I look up to ending up treating me horribly, along with a friendship ending as well. Other than that I've been fortunate enough not to have something worse appear.

:star:Tell me what would you life be without dA.
I probably wouldn't be alive. Some people I've met here saved my life and convince me to keep going.

:star:What's your attitude to showing someone's personality/personal life on dA? Do you do the same?
I believe people are free to do whatever they please. That is as long as they are not harming another. So by all mean they can post whatever amount of their personal life they wish to. It is there account. This doesn't mean its appropriate, or professional though. Personality? Well everyone shows it in some ways or another. You can tell a lot about a person by their profile. Given it has enough clues as to their interests and such. I don't think it is wise to post pictures of yourself online if you are younger. Im not sure if many have heard about it. There is a show called Catfish that makes me very cautious as to what I post publicly online. I for one choose not to get to personal. Especially since I would like to look professional.

:star:Have you ever considered leaving dA? If so, why?
Yes I have, that being because of drama and stress from offline as well. At those times I thought it would be best to just close everything and run away from it all. However I had to control my fear. Instead of thing of fear as " F.orget E.verything A.nd R.un " I saw it as " F.ace E.verything A.nd R.ise. ". Running away from my problems would not do anything. I also realized I'd be losing a lot of amazing people if I just decided to drop everything and leave.

:star:What do you want to tell our readers, on the end?
I would like to tell them to keep going. A good artist is a bad artist who never gave up. Keep sharing your gifts with us. Without Art, Earth would be just "Eh". Thank you all for reading and enjoy the rest of your day/night <3. :bulletred:


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