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To begin with, I suppose all of us were/are sometimes dissatisfied of our own art which we present on dA.
It's normal human feeling. Everybody, even the greatest artists, complain from time to time, that they could "make it better". (Okay, maybe if they're not narcists types XD).
    Very important thing I want to tell you: I'm not a greatest guru of giving advices, I'm also not one of best artists on dA.
But I since I personally developed really much in all these years on dA, I think I can suggest you some tips 'how to like your own art'.
I will propose tips, which I have personally experienced by myself.

Let's a gooo!

1. Try to realize your dreams. If you make an artwork, you can of course submit some scraps, blurry linearts of non-precised ideas etc. Many people treat their dA account as kinda 'scrapbook', where they put not really important works. They even don't know what they want exactly draw, and other dA users don't pay a lot of attention to these blurry scraps. Well, is it really satisfacting? Try to imagine, what you would like to draw the most. Fan art of My Little Pony? Manga stuff? Some nice photos of horses, which you make by your own? Why not to realize these dreams? The most important thing is: if you  draw/paint/write/photo what you really like to, then you're much more connected and satisfied of your art.  When I joined to dA, I started drawing some random things, just because I didn't had any idea: animals, toys, mythology stuff. But I realised I really want to draw Mina and the Count fan art. I started with it, and felt happier.

2. Try to find new ideas for works. Try to get the most inspiration, as you can. Human mind can find inspiration in every detail, which it spots: nature, landscapes, weather, other people, everyday situations, music, book, comics etc etc. If I need a good idea for work, just try to find in my mind. If I don't find, I help myself by reading nice comic, funny movie, awesome music. It really helps! Then, if you will have ideas for your art., you will like it more.

3. Develop. If you really don't like your artwork, nothing is a better cure than developing in it. Awesome thing, which I discovered just recently, is a tutorial thing. Turorial shows you, how step by step get a good effect in your work. Don't be ashamed to search for help, if you don't know how to improve something. I have my special folder in dA 'Favourites' - it's all about tutorials. How to draw starry sky, how to draw shadows, rain etc. I search also in YouTube totorials, it's amazing! Don't hesitate to start from simple tutorials. If your drawing level is on a beginner one, search tutorials for beginners. Slowly, step by step, you will become better and better. And seeing nice effects, you will like more all of it.

4. Find your own style, find your own strong point. I know, having own style is a hot discussion on dA. Many people who I met say they don't have their own style, they just copy the way how somebody draws and they regret it. It's normal, but please remember: practising makes you a master. The more you will draw, paint, write, the biggest chances you have to achieve your own style. Nothing is more satisfaying that people recognize your work immidiately: 'Oh, it's HIS work! It's HER work!'. Remember! Having own style doesn't mean you need to draw like a god. I don't draw like proffessionalist, but I think my works are recognisable: grey lineart, Photoshop pencil shadows (technique), vampires (the theme what I draw), my own watersign (strong point). You get it?
And about finding your strong point: I mean something, which is connected with your style, and will make you SUCH THE ONLY ARTIST. Make up your own Original Character! (I have Vixen, and you?). Make up your own sign! Watermark! (I have mine, and you?) Try always to write an interesting description under your work!
When you will have something which you feel is totally you own and unique, you bam! like your art.

5. Try to become a little bit more popular in your area. What I mean, is not trying to be extremely famous or something like that. But you would like someone to see your art, comment if or fave. you deserve it, because you put effort in your works. So try to have more friends (I mean: watchers also :eyes:), submit your pieces to goups etc. Make your art be spotted! If people are attraced by your art, you will have more courage and willness to produce more and... to have fun from it!

I hope these 5 points will be useful for all of you :)
And remember: just an act of drawing, even of something ugly or simple, is a beautiful act. Really. :kiss:


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Thank you, girl, you're to sweet :aww: I really love, love her. And you're too kind and nice :*

p.s. I love Vixen's muscles on arms :giggle: And I regret I can't post a comment under your work.
No need to thank me! Your work is awesome *_* I love your character Vixen :heart: she kinda reminds me of mine x3 since they have the same skin color and somehow the same body type :3 (Mettel ((my oc)) is skinnier)) but I really love Vixen's curvy body ^^
VampiraLady Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you very much :) Well yes, I draw a curvy lady, I think it's a good exception from all these 'perfect bodies, not really natural shapes - slim hips and waits, plus biiiig boobs XP'.
My character has normal, feminine curves, a chin and is a proof than curvy woman can be sexy as hell :/.
alicegirlbakugan Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2015
I am curvy in real life and I approve what you say! I hate it when people tell me to do sports and eat less to become skinny... I mean curvy girls and other types must have their part too! All body types are beautiful ^^
VampiraLady Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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