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Night heaven by VampiraLady"/>

Night heaven by VampiraLady




Interview challenge - meet BetterScarletMistery!

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 6, 2014, 8:15 AM
(both VampiraLady and BetterScarletMystery agree this interview wasn't written for VampiraLady's benefits).
Hi! :wave:

Today we have a special guest!

Sex: male
Country: New Zealand
Deviant for: 5 years (including all accounts)

VampiraLady: How have you known dA community and site? Why did you join it?
My friend notsohot used to be on DA a lot, and I joined because of them.

What was your first work submitted here?
I drew an anime-style Beast Boy (from teen titans) for the person I just mentioned. I remember it took me almost a month to do, because I kept photocopying and fixing mistakes.

Why do you create works?
Enjoyment mostly, but I also do it for boredom, as well as a way to safely handle my emotions. As well as that, I love to share my characters, and make people happy... There's really no single reason why I do what I do; sometimes the mood just takes me, lol

Do you create manually? Digitally?
Both. Traditional sketches are easier than digital, but digital lineart and cleanup is easier than traditional. It's the same for writing... And I make plushies, and paint...

Do you care about amount of your watchers, faved works, comments?
I love getting new watchers, and comments mean more to me than faves, but I'm just happy that people like my work. I'll be honest, I would like more but I'm perfectly happy as I am. I create for myself, not to be famous.

Your favourite dA artists? (why?)
Ooh... That's a tough one... I have a bunch... So I'll just go off the top of my head, in no particular order:
:iconnotsohot: My reason for being this site, not to mention a cool person in general and a great artist. Also, without a comic me and them used to make, I never would've created Team Mayonsise.
:iconlegendofhearts: One of three sisters I've adopted since joining DA. Nekochan and I always seem to get on, and she's the one I chat with the most (if ever I'm on). She also has a habit of commenting on everything, so it makes me happy to see her commenting when I post things.
:iconrikkilee-robertson: My second sister (my older younger sister) and my personal derp detective. I know I can always come to her when I need it, and the same goes for her.
:iconwakkowarnerlover: First up, my autocorrect knows her name off by heart, so what does that tell you? XD My third sister and a great writer, I always love reading her stories. Sometimes if I have a few minutes, I'll go online just to catch up on her stories. She's the only one I know who actually finishes all her stories, and she posts regularly. Plus - I LOVE her OCs, they're all so amazing... Though my faves are definitely Lowe and Ernest. Talking to her always puts a big smile on my face.
:iconkiwi-birdie: We don't talk often anymore, but when we do, we always seem to find something to talk about. She's a really good friend and an equally good artist, and she never fails to think of others.
:iconvampiralady: She's a really great artist, not to mention a really great person in general, and she always seems to come up with the strangest of things. I enjoy talking with her, and I enjoy her art as well. Actually, when I first commented on her work I thought 'She's so famous already - she'll probably never reply to me.' Imagine my surprise when she actually DID. XD
:iconnevuela: Oh geez, this is going back a bit... I actually found her back in the time of my fanfiction account... If I remember rightly, she posted a story about Lilo and Stitch... Well a few stories really... And to this day, they're still some of my fave stories. (I'll still curl up and read them whenever I happen to find the folder I printed them into, if I have time) I actually found her DA username via her fanfiction account and looked her up. Since then I used to avidly watch her. I've just started to watch her again... I really gotta catch up on a LOT XD
:iconraichulolrat: I may have just started watching him, but I already like his art. But that's not why he's on here. I met him while cosplaying at a con recently and watched him soon after. We have so much in common and get on really well with each other, not to mention he's the only DA friend I have IRL (that I really actually like XD) and we're totally um... Interesting party planners XD ... Seriously though, I may have just met him and his brother last month, but I hope to know them for a long time coming.
:iconlorettafox: Oh my... Well, where do I start... First of all, she's my longest DA friend, the only one I still talk to regularly (or ever) from my original DA account. We know everything about each other, and are comfortable simply sitting there in silence. I love her with all my heart, and she really is one of the family; even my family accept her. She's kind, caring, considerate, friendly, and a number of other stuff, and that's not even starting on her art. There's a lot of stuff she draws and never posts, and some of that is (in my opinion) the best of her art. As for her characters, they're always so... Well, unusual... You can't hear about them for five minutes without already being attached to them. We may have our fights and we do get on each other's nerves more than I'd like to admit, but I wouldn't trade her for the world - she's the only one who's proved without a doubt (so far) that she'll always be there for me, and I'll always be there for her. She's my bestest best friend and (no offence to anyone else) no one is taking that place.
There are others I like on here, but due to several reasons I haven't put everyone.

What's the thing which is really troublesome for you in creating it? (what's the most difficult for you)?
Finishing anything XD I can start things, but I have a lot of trouble finishing them... I am slowly getting there with a lot of things, but yeah, anyone who knows me knows that I am terrible at finishing anything XD It's because I take on a lot at one time...

Give the descripition of the place where do you make your works.
Um... Anywhere really. I draw/write anywhere and everywhere, from my bedroom to an airplane. If I get struck by inspiration then I usually work right then and there... Yes, even in a shopping mall...

What does inspire you?
Friends, family, tv, everyday life, songs, movies, situations, pets, etc - in short: life!

What do you like in your style/subjects of works? How do you think – what great adventages/skills do you have?
I love my imagination, ability to draw, and the fact I can write. (Fun fact: I couldn't write - despite the fact I could read - until I hit puberty)

Do you earn money on here? If not, would you like to?
I have trouble with it but I would very much love to, yes.

The worst thing which happened to you here?
A few people have verbally abused me pretty badly, just because I dared to say "I don't like Justin Beiber" or "don't yell at her, it's her interpretation of this character"... Yeah... Fangirls irk me when they're like it... I don't mind that you like something. I don't mind that you're obsessed with it. But is it really necessary to scream abuse at people through the computer? If you really have an issue then you better be willing to say it to my face, because I have no qualms with speaking my mind in real life, unlike you... *sigh* ... Some people...

Tell me what would your life be without dA.
If I never had it... Lonely, lol... I'd still be waiting for my ex for one... I'd be severely depressed, lonely and sad if it weren't for all the great people I met on here... Plus I'd be upset that no one wanted to see my art.
If I gave it up? I couldn't do that... I'm not on often, but I can't give it up...

What's your attitude to showing someone's personality/personal life on dA? Do you do the same?
I don't mind really, do what you want on here... And for my own life - I try to be careful about who I tell stuff to. I'm usually pretty open if you want to ask me anything, but I'm not just going to tell everyone everything...

Have you ever considered leaving dA? If so, why?
Because of the abuse, as well as being dumped (thrice... In as many months... By the same guy...) but I could never leave completely... I may spend months off at a time, but I doubt I'll leave the site completely any time soon... So I just swapped accounts... Twice - hence why I've been on since 09 but it doesn't say on my account.

What do you want to tell our readers, on the end?
Yes, can you please take a few moments to check out my account, or at the very least, one of the people in question 6. Some of them need recognition and most are really friendly...:bulletred:


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List of commissions:

:bulletgreen::iconmrpr1993: (done!)
:bulletgreen::iconland24: (done!)
:bulletgreen::iconagent-eli: (done!)
:bulletred::iconmiss-nessa: (done!)
:bulletred::iconxxcuteemmyxx: (undone yet)

Vlad's size when he's excited? XD 

4 deviants said 20 cm and MORE!
3 deviants said 14-16 cm
1 deviant said 16-20 cm

Watch the MatC cartoons



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