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Night heaven by VampiraLady"/>

Night heaven by VampiraLady




Interview challenge - meet Heren!

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 20, 2014, 2:28 AM
Hi! Hi!

Today we have a special guest:


Country: Poland
Sex: female
Deviant for: 7 years

VampiraLady: How have you known dA community and site? Why did you join it?
My friend had reccomended me that site when I was looking for a place to upload images for a forum project. I didn't know any other sites, so I joined dA and stayed here for a little longer.

What was your first work submitted here?
It was really crappy Photoshop photomontage. As far as I remember it was a garden.

Why do you create works?
Drawing is my passion and I like creating ilustrations for my role-plays.

Do you create manually? Digitally?
Only manually.

Do you care about amount of your watchers, faved works, comments?
Not really but still I appreciate every kind of feedback: favs, comments and new watchers!

Your favourite dA artists? (why?) - awesome digital works, (as for me especially genderbend Disney) - lovely style and characters ^^ - awesome skill and style, also he had a great and quite scary idea for The Powerpuff Girls.

What's the thing which is really troublesome for you in creating it? (what's the most difficult for you)?
I hate drawing hands. Also I really often lack in skills. My drawings do not follow my imagination to the fullest, that's for sure.

Give the descripition of the place where do you make your works.
Mostly I draw while sitting at my corner settee or sitting on my bed. My pencils and crayons lay all around me and I often look for my rubbers.

What does inspire you?
It's music mostly. Nice tunes are good acceleratorws for my imagination.

What do you like in your style/subjects of works? How do you think – what great adventages/skills do you have?
I like that beyond almost every work of mine there is a story. That makes an artwork more attractive to me than just "nice pose". I don't think that I'm really, really good at something.

Do you earn money on here? If not, would you like to?
Nope, not even a penny. it would be nice to earn some cash but I can't imagine myself drawing for money for one reason: I wouldn't stand time pressure. Also, I would probably die of anxiety if my work is good enough for my orderer.

The worst thing which happened to you here?
Once there was a guy who started an argue with me. He was raging about my work where naga was holding a girl with his coils - the guy tried to convince me that I worship satan in that way oO I tried hard to explain to him that he was terribly wrong, but he didn't want to change his mind and kept writing mean things.

Tell me what would your life be without dA.
It would be less artistic than it is =P (Razz)

What's your attitude to showing someone's personality/personal life on dA? Do you do the same?
It's kind of hard to hide one's personality, I guess. I'm fine with that. Talking about personal life, I believe that it shouldn't be shown excessively. To me it's kind of "social exhibitionism" and I don't like it. I prefer speaking in private.

Have you ever considered leaving dA? If so, why?
No. Not even once, as I recall.

What do you want to tell our readers, on the end?
Feel free to take a look at my gallery and have a nice day! ^^:bulletred:


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:iconsylverfire-lilithe: Interview challenge - meet SylverFire-Lilithe!(Note: interviewed artist's thoughts are NOT made for VampiraLady's benefits).
Hi! :wave:
Today we have a special guest:
Country: unknown
Sex: female
Deviant for: 4 years
VampiraLady: How have you known dA community and site? Why did you join it?
I was a fan of a widely unknown animated band. Always looking for info or fanart of them. Found deviantart and joined it to find more fans. It's an old account for personal reasons I'd rather not say the username or the name of the band.
What was your first work submitted here?
On my old account a drawing of me and the band member I had a crush on. On my current one, base art. A base of a guy and a girl, it's technically fan art of me and Sweeney Todd. My first attempt I didn't get my hair color right. So I made a redo as well. (It was my first attempt at digital drawing or using a tablet. And my first attempt at drawing using a base.)

Have Vixen's parents ever caught her on pleasing herself? 

9 deviants said yes and they felt okay with it
8 deviants said no, she was doing it secretly
3 deviants said yes and they were angry about it

Watch the MatC cartoons



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