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Comic 'The meeting of vampires'

Comic 'Valentine's Day'


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Night heaven by VampiraLady"/>

Night heaven by VampiraLady




(Note: interviewed artist's thoughts are NOT made for VampiraLady's benefits).

Hi! :wave:

Today we have a special guest:


Country: unknown
Sex: female
Deviant for: 4 years

VampiraLady: How have you known dA community and site? Why did you join it?
I was a fan of a widely unknown animated band. Always looking for info or fanart of them. Found deviantart and joined it to find more fans. It's an old account for personal reasons I'd rather not say the username or the name of the band.

What was your first work submitted here?
On my old account a drawing of me and the band member I had a crush on. On my current one, base art. A base of a guy and a girl, it's technically fan art of me and Sweeney Todd. My first attempt I didn't get my hair color right. So I made a redo as well. (It was my first attempt at digital drawing or using a tablet. And my first attempt at drawing using a base.)

Why do you create works?
I love to create things. I love to draw, write(stories, poems, song lyrics, etc.) I love to sing, dance. I consider myself very creative. I love to read too!! I do it for myself. And I do it for family and friends. Not online I mean like in real life if someone I'm close to has a birthday I'll draw little doodles in the birthday card of stuff they like. But mostly I create things for myself because I enjoy it. It's fun and I don't care if it "doesn't look right". It's for me not for anyone else. But if I draw something for a friend or my fiancé I do take extra care in what I draw.

Do you create manually? Digitally?
Mostly manually. I've always drawn with a pencil, paper and crayons or colored pencils. I've attempted to draw with digital, it turns out well enough. But my computer is broken so I can't upload anything. Even my hand drawn stuff. TT^TT even if it wasn't its difficult to even want to........ Too many bullies.....

Do you care about amount of your watchers, faved works, comments?
No not really. I appreciate them all. But watchers, faves, etc aren't that important to me. My art is for me. And my family and friends. I know it sounds rude but I really don't care if some stranger likes what I've drawn or not. But hey I'm human if you bash me of course I'm going to be offended. =P (Razz) And I sting and bite back. Wink/Razz
But I do appreciate the positive stuff, but it doesn't bother me if I get zero views. I'd rather get zero than negative. I'm sensitive so while I may not care it can hurt my feelings sometimes if something I really wanted to show off doesn't get any views. But hey I've got family that does, so whatever.

Your favourite dA artists? (why?)
There's a lot. You for example :iconvampiralady: I love your comic about Vlad and Vixen. I love all of your art!! And way too many others to name!! XD lol!! I like :iconkasaundra1: Sweeney Todd fanart and stories. I love a lot of Sweeney Todd cosplayers - :iconsweeneytoddst:'s Cosplay photos. And well like I said a lot of people!! XD I love :iconshadowdollcat:'s drawings of horror icons!! They're really awesome!! XD ^,..,^

What's the thing which is really troublesome for you in creating it? (what's the most difficult for you)?
To be honest if anyone saw the way I draw they'd probably say everything..... Like I said I draw for me and while I'm nit-picky of everything i do especially my drawings, I'm not trying to be a professional..... But I'd say buildings, cars, backgrounds, and certain poses.

Give the descripition of the place where do you make your works.
Anywhere, the table at a restaurant, my bed in my bedroom, the coffee table in the family room, the floor in just about any room. XD lol!!

What does inspire you?
Everything. Anything. Anyone. My fiancé inspires me because he tells me what I need to hear even if I may not want to hear it. He's always stood by me through thick and thin. He's loved me at my worst and at my best. He helps me to realize that I do have a "best"....... He helps to realize its ok to just be me. He is my inspiration. ^,..,^ I love him so much!!!

What do you like in your style/subjects of works? How do you think – what great adventages/skills do you have?
I'm pretty good at drawing anything from memory. And creating interesting poses.

Do you earn money on here? If not, would you like to?
No. Maybe.....?

The worst thing which happened to you here?
Being bullied worse than when I was in high school and middle school conbined, because I almost lost my unborn son because of it. It's a long story.....

Tell me what would you life be without dA.
Probably less dramatic, less stressful, or about the same. XD lol!!

What's your attitude to showing someone's personality/personal life on dA? Do you do the same?
It depends on your age, and what it is. You need to think about your safety and "stranger danger" after all. Lol!! And some people are so judgemental it's just better to not share much period sometimes.....

Have you ever considered leaving dA? If so, why?
Yes, see answer for number 12. I've been driven to suicide at least twice and driven to contemplate it multiple times. I've almost lost my unborn son three times from the stress of it....... And the people who are the cause of it refuse to take responsibility or the very fu***ng least leave me the fu** alone!! One of them is older than me by a few years even!! And they have proved that maturity doesn't come with age.... But then again the other person involved seems to think I'm immature....... Because I'm human and get emotional just like them...... Another said I can't be a parent because I'm goth and not a teenager. And apparently being goth has an expiration date.......
if it weren't for my fiancé I wouldn't be here right now, and our son wouldn't be either. He's due by November-ish. My fiancé is literally my hero he stopped me from walking outside in front of a car in front of my parents house...... And please no one tell me I need help. I don't trust doctors. And I don't need to be committed I have enough support from my fiancé and a few close friends.....

What do you want to tell our readers, on the end?
Please think about what you say. Remember that there ARE REAL PEOPLE WITH FEELINGS on the other side of your keyboard and computer screen. And that everyone is entitled to an opinion but you don't have to be mean. And that everyone is entitled to live their lives how they want as long as it isn't illegal or actually hurting anyone...... And claiming that them breathing is hurting you doesn't count.......:bulletred:

Many hugs and thanks for SylverFire-Lilithe for the interview! :hug:


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Vlad would love to see Vixen without dress. What he should do: 

5 deviants said ask her gently
4 deviants said look at her with special sign in eyes
3 deviants said give her a present
3 deviants said he can only dream about it!
1 deviant said buy her off

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